Youth/Adolescent Counseling Program

Family Recovery Counseling Center is pleased to announce our Youth/Adolescence Program. This program is features a smoking cessation class, behavior modification program, adventure based therapeutic services, and a substance abuse education class for youth and adolescence. In addition, we offer specialized individual and/or group sessions for youth and adolescence whose parents are veterans.

We solicit referrals from schools, agencies or individuals who have a youth, ages 4-17, who are experiencing problems with tobacco products, behavior problems, and/or substance abuse. The one-on-one sessions and groups sessions that will be selected will empower our children with valuable knowledge and techniques to use to maintain a healthy body for maximum development. Research shows that over 75% of mental health and substance abuse disorders have their roots in childhood and adolescent years, but less than one quarter of children or adolescents needing services receive treatment.

Every child is unique and special and often encounters emotions, feelings or behavior that causes problems in their lives and the lives of those around them. Families often worry when their child or teenager have difficulty coping with stressful situations, exhibit feelings of sadness, can’t sleep, gets involved with the drug crowd, or can’t get along with family members or close friends. Counselors at Family Recovery Counseling Center are licensed and certified counselors who maintain continued education on a continuous basis to stay current on all new substance abuse and/or other drugs and mental health information. We are very aware of culture, age, gender, race, disabilities or abilities of all are clients and take this into consideration when placing them into a treatment group.

We utilize best practice and evident base therapy with innovative outpatient individual and group sessions. We utilize the stages of change delineated by Prochaska and DiClemente which are pre contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and recurrence. The counselors discuss confidentiality and class rules with all clients so that we will be in compliance with HIPPA laws. In addition, this agency has a random urine analysis program that identifies ten drugs that may be in the system to and an alcohol swab.

If you feel utilizing this agency to combat tobacco use and substance abuse and/or other drugs use, please email Beverly G. Pittman at or call her at telephone number (405) 524-2424 for further details.


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