Cultural Competence

Under no circumstances should a special population group of people be treated with disrespect because of their cultural heritage, sexual identity, race, religion, color or age. Neither shall they be discriminated against because of their cultural differences.

Family Recovery Counseling Center staff, leadership, management, direct service and support service positions, works to achieve cultural competence by:

  • Awareness and acceptance of the wide range of cultural diversity. Be aware of differences in values, communication styles, spirituality, definitions of family and be accepting of those differences. It is good to actually embrace those differences as those are the client's allies in healing.
  • Awareness of one's own cultural values and identity. Understanding how cultural conditioning influences our beliefs about human behavior, values, communication, biases, etc.
  • Understanding how differences may impact the client/counselor relationship. Realizing that those differences can either help or hinder the way in which services are provided.
  • Knowledge of client's culture. Taking the time to learn as much as possible about the culture of those who could potentially utilize program services. Making a conscious effort to learn of their values, how they define healing, how they view healing, the nature of their social structure, socioeconomic status, language, etc.
  • Successful reintegration of the client with the family system or a successful placement in a positive, nurturing environment when exiting from treatment, with the client able to live successfully with significant others for a period of at least six months post-treatment
  • Utilizing this information to begin to adapt services and skills. This is an important factor because historically, people of color have always been expected to adapt to the dominant culture's institutions in order to access services.


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