1. The primary objective of the Family Recovery is to provide effective drug and alcohol treatment for its clients with 80 percent of all client participants of the Program making improvements in the following areas of their lives:

  • Complete abstinence from all chemical use while in treatment and for a period of at least six months post-treatment.
  • Successful enrollment in school or GED program while in treatment or successful enrollment in school, GED or vocational training for a period of at least six months post-treatment.
  • Successful maintenance of employment while in treatment and successful employment for a period of at least six months post-treatment as it relates to age appropriate participants.
  • Successful completion of any legal obligation due to substance abuse to which the client was assigned prior to treatment and no further negative contacts with the legal system during treatment or for a period of at least six months post-treatment.
  • Successful reintegration of the client with the family system or a successful placement in a positive, nurturing environment when exiting from treatment, with the client able to live successfully with significant others for a period of at least six months post-treatment
  • Possibly obtain own residence or contribute to existing shared residence.

2. These objectives shall be attained by:

  • Intensive structured individual and group therapy.
  • Working with the Service Agency or employer when appropriate.
  • Intensive social learning skills therapy.
  • Self-awareness therapy [i.e. moral development, values clarification, and treatment based upon Prochaska’s six Stages of Change, level of functioning, understanding of the 12 step self help program and individual treatment plan].
  • Aftercare planning, continuation care planning, referrals (ie mental health or medical), consultations and placement.

3. The target date for completion of these objectives will vary according to the task assigned. Staff will be assigned when the client enters the Family Recovery and that staff member will be responsible for carrying out the procedures/plans of the client.

4. At the beginning of each Fiscal Year, the Director will submit an annual program plan.

5. Approval of the plan will be documented in the Family Recovery Resolution and in the minutes of annual meetings. The approved plan will be distributed to all Family Recovery staff, be available upon request to the general public, and will be made available to new staff at the time of employment.

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